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  • Tina Simulations Ė  Tina Pro from DesignSoft is a powerful software package for designing, simulating, and analyzing analog, digital and mixed electronic circuits. Analysis results can be displayed as sophisticated diagrams or on a range of virtual instruments. Comprehensive DTP tools can be used to produce professional reports and presentations. We have included simulations of many of the examples in our Electronics text.

    To load Tina software onto your computer, click here http://www.tina.com/book/Tina7Book.exe and follow all of the on-screen instructions.

    If you have Windows Vista, you must install the software in administrator mode. If you run the software in User mode, User Account Control must be enabled.

    Once you run the program, if you click on the file open icon (or use the File pull-down menu to open a file), you will see a listing of chapters from the book (starting with Chapter 4). Clicking on any of these gives you a list of examples directly from that chapter. We have programmed each of these examples into the software.

    As you open each one, you will find instructions how to run various simulations (e.g., Bode plots), and also how to calculate operating points.

    When you start a new simulation, you will get a screen with the problem statement and some explanatory notes and figures. You can execute various forms of analysis by pulling down the "Analysis" menu and making your selection. You can also use the Help screens to get additional information.


    Please experiment with these circuits. The simulation results will reinforce the theory you learn in class. And please donít hesitate to email the author (mroden@calstatela.edu) with any suggestions or comments [sorry, we cannot provide software support].


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