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    The Fourth Edition completely updates information including data sheets. We have also made mechanical changes to make the text more readable. The page size has been increased, and every figure has been redrawn to improve clarity. Our text layout, while not the most economical in terms of our labor and space efficiency, is carefully chosen to assist the student. This includes larger type and more logical figure placement. At no additional cost, we are including two powerful software simulation programs. As with earlier editions of this text, we include the Student Edition of MicroCap. The latest version of this popular SPICE-based software performs mixed analog and digital processing. A manual, previously made available only to instructors, is now on the CD included with each book. Effective with the newest printing of the text, we are also including TINA Pro from DesignSoft. While this simulation program has some similarities to MicroCap, you will also find some important differences. Analysis results can be displayed as sophisticated diagrams or on a range of virtual instruments. The CD contains TINA simulations of most of the examples in the text. You can run these without knowing anything about TINA. You simply click on the example, and then follow instructions on the screen. You will be running various operating point calculations, and also creating performance curves such as Bode plots. Our instructional adjuncts stress utility rather than quantity. As one example, we offer problem sets to instructors in word processor formats. Faculty can "cut and paste" and/or modify problems to structure assignments and exams for students. Check us out. Ask for an examination copy (contact our distributor), and compare selected sections with the text you are currently using. We know you will be favorably impressed.

    Back to book  |  Preface  |  Table of contents  |  MicroCap 7  |  Innovations  |  Errata


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