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    MICRO-CAP Simulation Software
    To dowload this powerful software, click here and follow the instructions on your screen. The "free evaluation" version is the same as the student version.
    To download the manual for the student edition, click here.

    Description of Software:

    Micro-Cap is a SPICE-compatible software package which provides fully interactive mixed analog and digital simulation. The schematic editor is a highly-developed user-friendly tool that allows you to literally draw the circuit directly on the computer monitor. Alternatively, you can import files from SPICE.

    The core simulator is identical to SPICE 2G, with enhancements derived from Spice 3 and Spectrum Software's internal developments. Standard device models include all SPICE 2G models, analog behavioral sources (Laplace and nonlinear function), GaAsFETs and op-amps, voltage and current-controlled switches. Micro-Cap V includes an integrated PSpiceŽ compatible 5-state event-driven digital logic simulator.

    The software package contains extensive help menus, and also has a comprehensive demonstration program. To get started, all you need to do is load the software, pull down the help menu, and activate the demonstration program.


    Back to book  |  Preface  |  Table of contents  |  MicroCap 7  |  Innovations  |  Errata


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