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    Studying Engineering: A Road Map to a Rewarding Career, Fourth Edition

    By Dr. Raymond B. Landis,
    Dean Emeritus, College of Engineering,
    Computer Science & Technology
    California State University, Los Angeles

    2013 - 326 pages - ISBN 978-0-9793487-4-7

    Price: $24.95. Bookstores (and other quantity purchasers) : $18.71

     (Available February 2013)
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    Book Resources
    Fourth Edition Instructor Support Related resources
     About the Book  Tidbits  The Common Denominator of Success
     Ordering Information Instructor's Guide Motivational/Inspirational Quotes
     Foreword by Richard Felder Directory of Syllabi ASEE Papers
    Table of Contents Directory of Projects Past Issues - Newsletter - Success 101
    Excerpt from Preface to 1st Edition Ray Landis Presentation: "Facilitating Student Success"  NACME/NAMEPA Retention Handbook 
     Preface to 4th Edition Power Point Slides
    Retention by Design
    Chapter 2+Related Appendices Reflections  Ray Landis Bio
    Ray Landis-Distinguished ASEE Lecturer
    Video of interview
    End-of-term course evaluation 1st yr Engr Attitudes Survey
    Resources to support instructors in implementing the "Design Your Process of Becoming a World-Class Engineering Student" project

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